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Dance Music (Instrumental)
- Abdullah - 1980

Orchestra Jerry Wilton - Memories of Heidelberg (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Evergreen) (Oldie)

Orchestra Werner Baumgart - Posaunen-Serenade (Oldie) (Evergreen) (Dance Music) (Instrumental)

Los Indios Tabajaras - Maria Elena (Guitar) (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Oldie) (Evergreen)

Smart Riot - Huma-Huma - Instrumental Dance Music

Orchestra Teddy Clark - Spring Fever (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Evergreen) (Oldie) (Schlager)

Orchestra Teddy Clark - Feuerwerk (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Evergreen) (Oldie) (Schlager) (1967)

Orchestra Terry Brace - Chrystal Tunnel (Trumpet) (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Evergreen) (Oldie)

Orchestra Horst Reipsch - Midnight in Moscow (Clarinet) (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Evergreen)

Vanishing Point (Instrumental Making Out Mix) - New Order | 80s Music Instrumental | 80s Dance Music

Günter Noris, Big Band der Bundeswehr - Tango Negro (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Evergreen) (Oldie)

Romantic Strings - Borodin-Song (Slow) (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Tanzmusik)

Orchestra Alfons Bauer - Bel Horizonte (Paso Doble) (Zither) (Instrumental) (Dance Music)

The Surrey Strings Orchestra - Unchained Melody (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Evergreen) Oldie

DJ Dan Serk - You Going Down! (Street Dance Music) (instrumental.wmv

Michael Danzinger - Moonlight in Vermont (Piano) (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Evergreen) (Oldie)

Günter Noris, Big Band der Bundeswehr - Anneliese (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Evergreen) (Oldie)

1 Hour Electronic Dance Music Instrumental Playlist Best of Electro House 2015 DJ Mix

Orchestra Béla Sanders - Dorita (Tango) (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Oldie) (Evergreen) (Schlager)

Orchestra Kurt Edelhagen - You stepped out of a Dream (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Evergreen) Oldie

Orchestra Werner Baumgart - Der kleine Schelm (Oldie) (Evergreen) (Dance Music) (Instrumental)

Orchestra Paul Kuhn - Patria (Romantic Piano) (Instrumental) Dance Music, Oldie, Evergreen

Wonderland Night | Inspirational dance music | Royalty Free Music | Background Music | Instrumental

Orchestra Martin Möhle - Ich steige dir auf's Dach (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Oldie) (Amiga)

Orchestra Willy Berking - Klarinetten-Boogie (Dance Music) (Instrumental) (Evergreen)

Yamaha Motif J Absolute Instrumentals Open Ultimate Funky Energetic Dance Music

Orchestra Adalbert Lutter - O mein Papa (Feuerwerk) (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Oldie) (Evergreen)

Accordion-Duo Bex/Menten - Cake Walk Polka (Dance Music) (Instrumental) (Evergreen) (Oldie)

Kermisklanten (Kirmesmusikanten) - Dinge Dong (Accordion) (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Oldie)

Orchestra Adalbert Lutter - Play a simple Melody (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Oldie) (Evergreen)

Orchestra Alfred Hause - La Paloma (Yradier) (Tango) (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Oldie) (1967)

Ion Flux - Smiling Down Alternative Dance Music/Instrumental

Will Horwell - Everybody loves somebody (Hammond Organ) (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Oldie)

Hand in Hand Kameraden (Ameele) (Organ) (Orgel) (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Oldie) (Evergreen)

Tarantel Cha-Cha-Cha (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Tanzmusik) (Evergreen) (Oldie) (Schlager)

Kirmesmusikanten (Kermisklanten) - Pinguin-Tanz (Accordion) (Instrumental) (Schlager) (Dance Music)

Orchestra Cliff Carpenter - Children of Paradise (Dance Music) (World-Hit) (Instrumental) (Hansa)

CosmicHideout - 'SpaceLava', a Techno Fusion Electronic Dance Music instrumental

Günter Noris Big Band - Amethyst-Quick (Instrumental) Dance Music, Tanzmusik, Evergreen, Oldie

Orchestra Xavier Cugat - The Breeze & I (Andalucia-Suite) Instrumental, Dance Music, Evergreen

Günter Noris Big Band - Lilien-Waltz (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Tanzmusik) (Evergreen) (Oldie)

Max Höll, Moldau-Musikanten - Landstreicher-Polka (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Oldie) (Folk Song)

Ayiko Bia (Instrumental) - Africali | 80s Dance Music | 80s Club Mixes | 80s Club Music

Orchestra Rudi Bohn - Sparkling Stars (Slow) (Dance Music) (Instrumental) (Oldie) (World Hit)

Orchestra King Royal - Molina (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Evergreen) (Oldie) (Charts) (Hitparade)

The Harmonica Boys - Suikerbossie (Accordion) (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Oldie) (Evergreen)

Günter Noris, Big Band der Bundeswehr - Swing is in (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Evergreen) Oldie

Inspirational dance music | Enter Blonde | Royalty Free Music | Background Music | Instrumental

mantrarave |let´s play | dubstep | electronic dance music | musica electronica instrumental | edm

Orchestra Albert Vossen - Stammtisch-Polka (Accordion) Instrumental, Dance Music, Evergreen, Oldie

Pacific Serenaders - Hukilau (Hawaii Guitar) (Instrumental) (Dance Music) (Evergreen) (Oldie)

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